Taichung has fully implemented the collection of raw kitchen waste

The full implementation of raw kitchen waste collection has been started in Taichung.

Wan Pei Lin/ Taichung

The full implementation of raw kitchen waste collection was started on October 17. To make a contribution to environmental protection, the Environmental Protection Bureau encourages people to classify kitchen waste into raw food waste and cooked food waste.

The raw kitchen waste collection is implemented in phases by Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau. Starting on July 1, 2019, the collection has started collecting from Dajia, Daan, Waipu, Houli, Fengyuan, Tanzi, Daya, Shenggang, Shigang, Xinshe, Dongshi, Qingshui, Wuqi, Shalu, Longjing, Dadu, Xitun and Nantun districts and thirty tons of raw kitchen waste are collected every day, Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau Director, Wu Chih-chao said.

In order to continually reduce raw kitchen waste and enhance the effectiveness of raw kitchen waste recycling, districts where the waste collection had not yet started, have started collecting since October 17,2019. These districts are Taiping, Dali, Wufeng, Wuri, Central, West, East, South, North, Beitun and Heping. Taichung has finally achieved the goal of the full implementation of raw kitchen waste collection.

To make people gradually develop the habit of classifying kitchen waste into raw food waste and cooked food waste, Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau sets up recycling bins for raw kitchen waste and overhangs a signboard for it on garbage trucks. General households, institutions, schools, organizations and beverage shops can directly pour their raw kitchen waste into the recycling bins on garbage trucks. Apartment complexes with over 60 units are authorized to apply for raw kitchen waste recycling barrels from district cleaning teams and these recycling bins will be specifically collected by Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau.

Raw kitchen waste is food that is uncooked, such as fruits, vegetables, peelings, coffee grounds and tea grounds, etc. Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau reminds people that egg shells, hard fruit kernel, hard fruit shell, corn husk, bamboo husk, pineapple crown, floral materials and so on, are not allowed into raw kitchen waste recycling barrels. For more information, please visit the Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau website (https://recycle.epb.taichung.gov.tw/) or contact Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau via (04)2229-4025.