CYUT is the only private university of technology in Taiwan that enters the Emerging Economies Rankings of 2018

Chaoyang University of Technology sends thousands of students to experience learning overseas every year. CYUT has been ranked among the universities in the global emerging economies. The picture shows that the International volunteers of CYUT are visiting India.(Picture By CYUT)

By the Editorial Board

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings announced the list of Emerging Economies Rankings 2018 on May 10th of Taiwan Standard Time. The objects of comprehensive and balanced comparisons are countries and regions listed by the FTSE as an emerging economy. This list consists of 378 universities from 42 countries, including the 24-year-old Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT). CYUT was the only private university of technology in Taiwan that entered this ranking. What an outstanding performance of globalization and internationalization CYUT shows!

With the assistance of the school, the CYUT elite students were able to experience learning at the University of Regent, London, to realize their studied dreams. (Picture By CYUT)

 Tao-Ming Cheng, president of CYUT, said that the Emerging Economies Rankings of this year compared the global university performance table to judge research-intensive universities across all of their five core missions: teaching, research, paper citations, international outlook, and industry income. The rankings also used 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons. Only three universities of technology in Taiwan entered the list and CYUT is the only private university of technology. In addition, CYUT also performed well in a series of international rankings. For example, CYUT was ranked Top 1000+ Universities in World University Rankings and Top 350 Universities in Asia University Rankings by Times Higher Education in 2018. In other words, CYUT has been highly recognized by the international communities.

To strengthen the international competitiveness, CYUT has arranged the students to exchange to VIA University in Denmark to experience the Nordic culture. (Picture By CYUT)

In order to increase students’ international competitiveness, CYUT has signed academic cooperation agreements with more than 580 overseas schools. Besides, CYUT has also cordially invited international masters to join our teaching and research, including Dr. Miroslaw Skibniewski, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Engineering and academician of Poland Academy of Engineering, and the Honorary Professor Dr. James Fleck of the Business School of the University of Edinburgh, etc. CYUT has also been  promoting the “Thousand People Overseas Experience Learning Program” to provide elite students with opportunities like study tours, overseas exchange programs with sister schools, double degrees, dual degrees, overseas teaching, international invention competitions, grants for graduated students to attend international academic conferences, international volunteers, overseas internships, international experiential learning, short-term exchange studies, and workshops of various kinds. All of these multi-functional opportunities of advanced studies not only intensify students’ capabilities but also make CYUT graduates actively interconnect with global job markets and international communities.

Over the years, it has made the great efforts to build an international campus with the outstanding performances. Even the exchange students at Denmark’s VIA University fell in love with the learning environment at CYUT. (Picture By CYUT)