The Premiere of Korean Original Musical Theater “ Fanletter ” coming soon!

(photo by journalist Shu Zhen Lai)

By the Editorial Board


The popular Korean Original Musical Theater “ Fanletter ”will get to its overseas premiere in The National Taichung Theater on August 17, 19. Fanletter describes the period during Japanese colonialism in Korea, the scholars lose their country and freedom, and however, they still had the full passion and strong vitality. The story passes on the emotion between people through the letters. The Artistic Director of The National Taichung Theater mentioned that the topic of this musical was the energetic creativity of Korean scholars, which arouses the thirst for creation. She also indicated that The National Taichung Theater has the perfect facilities for musical theater, and they will continually arrange for more musicals to be performed in every summer, hoping that there could be more audiences coming to The National Taichung Theater to enjoy the great works.


Korean Original Musical Theater has been well developed in this decade, which made Korea become the biggest market of musicals in Asia, and Seoul has been considered as “The Asia Broadway”. Fanletter got the first place in Global Musical Live and was voted the best original musicals theater in the first year of its launch, and was voted the most looking forward to performing again musicals in the following year, which showed its high popularity. After reading the script of Fanletter in 2016, the Hong Kong director Kar-Wai, Wong was fascinated by it and decided to join the production.

Fanletter got the first place in Global Musical Live and was voted the best original musicals theater in the first year. (photo by journalist Shu Zhen Lai)

The composer Hyon-Suk, Pak indicated that all lyrics and lines in Fanletter were beautiful. Thus, she worked hard to compose the melody that can go well with them, which made this work mean a lot to her.


The time background of Fanletter is set back to the 1930’s in Korea when Korea was colonized by Japan. Although the literature could not save the people from suffering, it gave one comfort. Fanletter perfectly expresses the passion of people who struggled to pursue literature.



In the story, the little boy, who dreamed to be a writer, plucks up his courage to send his favorite novelist a letter with the pen name Bich. Bich is a name that can be both genders, which made a misunderstanding to the novelist. During the communication, the novelist gradually pays a sincere. The director Tae-Hyung, Kim mentions that the little boy sent the letter without any hope of a response. The surprising response is the beginning of the story.


The popular Korean Original Musical Theater Fanletter was produced by the top team, gathering the touching story and harmonic music, making it a great work    .