The World Of Illustration

I believe everyone knows this picture; it is “The Last Supper”. But don’t you think this picture is a little bit different to the one we have seen before? Did you realize that Jesus and the twelve disciples have all become cartoon characters and they are eating McDonald’s, pizza and KFC. It’s so interesting!

It always amazes me that people can create such vivid and meaningful drawings. Personally, I enjoy appreciating pictures which relate to animals and the environment. Today I had the chance to go to the 2016 Annual Asia Illustrations Awards and I saw many pictures depicting animals, so I want to share some pictures to you.

There is an arrow inside the deer’s mouth . I think this picture wants to express “No Hunting ” in this holy place, because in some people’s mind the mountain represents something sacred.
There are many animals  dressed as different kinds of people. We can see a pharaoh lion, a soldier dog, a waiter rabbit , and a panda wearing the cloth from the Qing dynasty.
Cats are carnivores but in this picture the kitten is so nice to the chick. I think it wants to tell us everyone is innocent at the beginning when they were born in this world but they change when they grow up. Similarly, when people are young, they don’t have bad thoughts. How is it then that  some people do a lot of bad things when they grow up?
The elephant is helping a child to touch the moon, how adorable they are! What do you think it means?
The mean tiger is dressed as a gentleman and smoking; it looks like he is the chairman of the big company.

These pictures look very special and innovative, right? If you are interested, you can go to the Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park and visit this exhibition. It started on July 20th and runs until August 30th. The best thing is it’s FREE!!