National Taichung Theatre’s New Director Qiu Yuan: ‘Everyone’ Should Have a Chance to Experience Art and Have Duty to Respect Theatre Convention

photo by journalist Shu Zhen Lai

Wan Pei Lin/ Taichung

Facing the expectations and suggestions from all sectors of society, the new director of National Taichung Theatre, Qiu Yuan, initially started to adjust public spaces in National Taichung Theatre so that people can quickly integrate into the atmosphere of theater. On top of it all, director, Qiu Yuan is promoting theatre convention, in order to appeal to publics whom shall jointly uphold the quality of appreciation.

Since National Taichung Theatre has a landscape of one and only curved wall and Tutu gallery, which is the original design of Toyo Ito; director, Qiu Yuan hopes to make optimal use of the uniqueness of these spaces in the future. Therefore, director, Qiu Yuan is going to invite artists from different domains using these spaces to develop ‘very short art.’ It can be any forms of art even the interdisciplinary art, as long as passers-by would also have a chance to experience art.

photo by journalist Shu Zhen Lai

Air holes are the characteristics of National Taichung Theatre which attract many art lovers from all over the world to visit it. Although air holes look unique and magnificent, it still has an inadequacy. When many people speak loudly inside National Taichung Theatre, the voice never disappears, oppositely, it surrounds in the space instead. Eventually, people’s voices become the noise. To deal with this problem, director, Qiu Yuan, said that National Taichung Theatre would improve itself first. For example, before performance starts, the reminder broadcast of the grand theatre would change to ringtone instead. Meanwhile, playhouse and black box would change to triangle’s sound. Furthermore, the closing reminder would also change to an instrument’s sound or some music. National Taichung Theatre hopes that people would be glad to listen.

To extend the concept of ‘interdisciplinary art,’ in the future, the invitation of artists in residence will not only limit to performing art but also will invite artists from different fields. Moreover, director, Qiu Yuan, hopes that National Taichung Theatre will feel like a home to every performer. Talking about letting the world see Taichung, director, Qiu Yuan, said that National Taichung Theatre would need to put in more effort to obtain opportunities to cooperate with artists from all over the world and letting the world see the profound human culture and the diverse creativity of Taichung.