Where The New Earth Begins Minima drew international attention

100% compostable (biodegradable) dog poo bags.

Monica Chen/Chicago

The 2017 NRA Show opened at McCormick Place in Chicago on May 20th and ran until the 23rd. The Taiwanese company, Minima, showed their R&D and production department’s achievements in 100% compostable (biodegradable), environmentally friendly tableware, “green” bags and other products during the exhibition. The company’s latest production of compostable toothbrushes and a number of daily necessities gained exposure and a lot of international attention during the exhibition.

Minima was founded in 2003 and have won over clients such as the Vancouver Winter Olympics, 7-11 Asia, and Staples, a well-known office supply company in the United States.

Minima company’s founder Dr. C. M. Huang (left two), Minima vice president Esmy Huang (right one),Minima USA, director of North America Sales John P. Gillespie (right two) with a future customer from the Czech Republic.

Esmy Huang, vice president, of Minima, pointed out that Canada highly values environmental protection, so much that at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Village adopted biodegradable materials for tableware as well as other environmentally friendly products. However, the contractors found that the supplier’s products did not meet the biodegradable standards for the Olympics. It was then that Minima replaced the said supplier and provided environmentally friendly, safe, 100% compostable (biodegradable) eating utensils for athletes from all over the world.

After the Olympic Games, the utensils were sent to the local composting plant. The success of this “green” model attracted the attention of many large manufacturing chains to Minima.

100% compostable (biodegradable) toothbrush and comb made by Minima.

During the 2011 Thailand BOI Green Expo, Minima was specifically designated as a product supplier for the expo. The U.S. Amazon website also features Minima products, and many catering companies begin to use Minima’s polylactic acid straws for their excellent durability and flexibility.

Minima’s product: single-wall and double-wall paper coffee cups and lids; straws; ice cream and soup cups and lids.

Minima’s founder, Dr. C. M. Huang, is a Ph.D. in chemical engineering graduated from Department of Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University. Dr. Huang is also the founding Director of the Environmentally Biodegradable Polymer Association (EBPA) and a committee member of Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) in the United States. Every quarter he participates in the BPI conference to stay in step with the US’s environmental policy. The Pan Pacific Bioplastics Alliance (PPBA), which was co-sponsored by Australasia Bioplastics Association (ABA), the US’s BPI, Taiwan’s EBPA, Japan Bioplastics Association (JBPA), Korean Bioplastics Association (KBPA), and Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA), held their inaugural conference in Bangkok in September 2016. It was at the conference that Dr. C. M. Huang was elected as the first chairperson of the alliance.

Clear sandwich, produce and take-out bags.

Based on the concept of protecting the earth, reducing waste and the pollution in the oceans, Dr. Huang has been working on environmental protection technology and biodegradable materials for many years. He has been a big influence for Taiwanese companies in obtaining international certification for compostable products, doing his best for environmental protection and green plastic industry.

The company points out that traditional plastic material cannot be decomposed by microorganisms. However, once products made from biodegradable materials are disposed of, they are able to be decomposed if given sufficient humidity, oxygen and are buried under the appropriate amount of microorganisms. They will totally decompose within 90 days in commercial composting facilities into the organic soil amendment.  Thus, they will not cause any harm to the surrounding ecological systems.

Minima’s diverse products have been certified by the European Union, the United States, Japan, Taiwan and many other countries with international (compostable) certification quality assurance. Minima’s research and development has concluded that almost all of our daily life products made from petrochemical plastic can be replaced by biodegradable materials.

Minima’s products include 100% compostable cutlery; single-wall and double-wall paper coffee cups and lids; clear PLA cold cups, containers and lids; straws; food wrap; utensils for babies; bakery, produce and takeout bags; can liners; utensils for babies, toothbrush, BB gun pellets, ballpoint pens, bath sponges, sunglasses, etc.

In addition to promoting environmentally friendly products, Dr. Huang is a professor conducting research and teaching in a Taiwan technical university for over 25 years and has authored several books including “Graphic Biodegradable Plastics,”   He has developed 100% compostable and biodegradable compound with 25 international patents. Through teaching and writing, Dr. Huang hopes to cultivate more new talents in the industry.

Dr. Huang has pointed out in an interview that the development of the environmental protection industry must have enthusiasm, persistence as well as funding. Without funding, the industry’s development cannot continue. However, one must have passion after obtaining the funding, and cannot only engage in this industry solely to make a profit. Without passion to the environmental protection, it is going to be very difficult for people in the industry to persist.

Minima currently has five production facilities in Taichung. The “Biodegradable Polymer Materials Research and Development Center” and the “Green Environmental Biodegradable Materials Integrated Demonstration Factory” in Huwei Park of Central Taiwan Science Park are currently under construction. In 2018, Yunlin farmers will begin to provide biodegradable agricultural materials to us to help further the development in organic agriculture. The developmental process will span from the usage of products to their biodegradation in the soil. These products will be produced in the science park as well as in the surrounding areas.

Minima’s international team consists of professionals from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, and Japan. They have developed technology which the skills and techniques of an entire factory can be exported to other parts of the world. The team hopes to bring the technology of biodegradable products to different corners of the world so that product use does not continue to pollute the earth. The goal is to leave future generations with a clean living environment, under the mantra of “Where The New Earth Begins.”

For more information about Minima, please visit the company website at www.minima.com or contact Esmy Huang at esmy@minima-tech.com.